Why Do You Have to Pull Wisdom Teeth Out?

We bet you know people who had their wisdom teeth taken out years ago and people who never even had to worry about it. So is it or is it not necessary? What gives? The fact is, the only reason you’d need to get your wisdom teeth pulled is if they aren’t coming in correctly.… Read More »

What Does Flossing Have to Do with Heart Disease?

We want our patients at Bobcat Dental to understand the ways that good oral hygiene can promote good health. After all, we truly believe a happy, healthy smile leads to a happy, healthy person. We like to tell our patients that their dental health is like a window into their overall health, because it is… Read More »

Can You Whiten Your Teeth Too Much?

At Bobcat Dental, we believe in indulging in the finer things in life – within reason! Much like overdoing it with chocolate or wine, it’s possible to go overboard when whitening your teeth. After all, you want your smile to look natural and healthy, not bleached beyond recognition. Fortunately, Dr. Lee is an expert in… Read More »

Dental Crowns on Front Teeth

Most people have heard of dental crowns being placed on back molars, but did you know that they can also be placed on front teeth? This is often done when the damage to the front tooth is very severe, such as a giant, serious crack down the middle, or if the front tooth has decay… Read More »

Why Do Dentists Extract Wisdom Teeth?

When you reach young adulthood, it’s common for the dentist to bring up the subject of your wisdom teeth. As the four molars at the very back of your mouth, they are the most problematic teeth and have a tendency to come in incorrectly, causing issues to the surrounding teeth. For this reason, dentists often… Read More »

5 Tips for Getting a Brighter, Healthier Smile at Home

Of course regular trips to the dentist for cleanings, x-rays, and check-ups are essential to maintaining a healthy smile. But the majority of your dental care happens at home, and the health and appearance of your smile is in your own hands. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you get a brighter,… Read More »

Don’t Throw Away Your Dental Benefits or Your Money

Before you say goodbye to 2016, make sure you are not wasting any remaining dental benefits which will not transfer to 2017. Like medical insurance most dental insurance policies are subject to a calendar year deductible which begins on January 1, of each year.  If you aren’t sure whether your dental policy has a deductible contact your… Read More »

Back to School Snacks that are Good for Teeth

After a long summer filled with ice creams, sweets, and lemonade, your children’s teeth may be taking a hit with sugar overload. Going back to school is a good time to reset those bad habits. Getting into a routine, committing to a schedule, and having regular meal times is a great start to maintaining a… Read More »